Monday, March 29, 2010

Monthly Post

Ha Ha Ha Ha . . . seems that it's once a month any more . . . kinda like a woman's "friend." Okay, pardon my (fill in the blank) sense of humor. . .
I'm kinda bummed - - all of the blogs that i follow (and i only follow 4) have gone private. Ouch. So I'm looking for any blogs on raw pregnancy right now--haven't found any (sep the now private ones). If anyone knows of anyone raw, pregnant, and blogging, please leave me a comment, or e-mail me at
Pg life is getting better--the first trimester wasn't the best, quite a bit of vomiting, lost some weight, couldn't eat much. I made sure to get my pre-natal whole food supplements in me every day though. ( ) They did help ALOT as they contain a couple things that combat the nausea. Plus I made ginger-lemon-honey pops to have on hand as needed. (Had to make extra for the kids!!)
When I wasn't nauseous I had some interesting cravings. One was banana slices with Parmasean cheese (which I never did have, since we didn't have any cheese). Dark romaine leaves were another. Beyond that, a lot of aversions.
Thankfully, I'm in week 15 (i think??) and the nausea is mostly gone. Felt babe "kicking" for the last 3 weeks. Lovin' it!!!! At least until the "kicks" start interrupting sleep. LOL. My midwife was concerned about my protein consumption last visit, so I'm focusing on that right now. Hemp, pumpkin, sunny, chia seed smoothies, Oh Joy!! (Among other things.)
Ro-Ro moved into a "big girl" bed two nights ago and is loving it--probally has something to do with the newfound freedom. I heard a noise last night about 1 am and found her playing in her closet. Hmmmm, maybe the bed wasn't such a good idea . . . oh well. Makes for some laughs, even at 1 am. She's also started reading a few words, loves singing, and makes up the best stories . :o)
Tris has been helping me in the yard quite a bit, helping dig/edge beds, raking, picking up sticks. Now that it's warming up we've all had bursts of energy and just seem to want to soak up that sunshine! Babies have been started indoors again, and Rich and I both get excited seeing what's newly popped up. Can't wait for the new nettles to arrive--good iron, and perfect timing for the new one!
Here's the ginger-pop receipe:
Squeeze some lemons, pour into blender
add equal amount of sweetner as juice
add 1/2 to 1" ginger root
add a little bit of water, blend and strain. (Can also add berries at this point)
add water to taste
Drink your ginger lemonade or pour into popsicle molds and freeze!