Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Okay, so I wanted to let all my "fans" (ha-ha) know that I'm going to be adding some links and possibly some other stuffs as I can, like a list of resources for raw food, sites for recipes, etc. But as you followers of this blog know, I'm only online an hour at a time at the library, once a week usually, sometimes I get a break and get there two times in a week. Often Rowan is in tow . . . think about that one. Anyhoo, hopefully I can do some work at home on my slow stand-by computer, as my fast baby crashed--with all my pics, raw info, wild stuffs info, you get the idea--and then bring in ready-to-cut-n-paste info to post.

On the homefront, the garden has been the joy and focus for the whole fam lately. This year we continued with the square foot garden idea. We now have two 4x16' raised beds edged by 2x4's, plus a couple other beds, one for strawberries, a bush tomato area, raspberry and blueberry, one that is yet to be turned and planted. The kids have had a blast helping with the planting of seeds and transplants, and Rowan makes sure to add all worms she finds to my flower pots on the steps, since they didn't have any. I've also transformed quite a bit of the foundation planting in the front and back, and on the west side. It's looking beautiful, considering how frugally it's come into being, from trading work for splits and growing perrenials from seed (ever try that?!!) Hopefully, I'll be able to download camera software on the slow computer and get some pics posted this year. ((giggle))
Asperagus is up a little bit. Ro munches every chance she gets. She also loves the mint, violets, clover, and wood sorrel, though I had to stop her picking the chives--she nibbled so much I was afraid there wouldn't be any left to come back!!
Prego-wise I'm doing well, though I get super-tired about once a week and just need to stop moving for a day. I'm past the halfway mark at about . . . 22 weeks I think?? But so far when I feel like that I do fresh juices and feel better.

Monday, May 10, 2010


I had to post this quick, cuz I'm excited about my creation.

Healthy Soda-Pop
Fresh juice, with or without a sweetener. Raspberry is AWESOME!
Sparkling water

Mix a little water with the juice and sweetener, then add the rest of the bubbly. Add some ice and enjoy!!

I've been sucking this stuff down!


I am absolutely tickled right now!!! I just found out this blog is # 1 on google for "raw baby." How cool is that!!!