Monday, July 5, 2010


A million thoughts. Getting ready for baby. EC. Cloth diapers. How come I'm not gaining much weight (although no question about girth!!!!LOL.)? Sleeping w/o Rowan coming in to sleep in the wee morning hours and ''squishing" the newest. Laundry to do. Tristen back from his dad's for 3 weeks, 10 lbs heavier, not a damn thing i can do about it. Green smoothie, anyone?? Will Rowan be O.K. or overly jealous? Will I be able to deal w/ the sleep deprivation and a 3 year old on top of a newborn? Water birth? Stop worrying, already!!!!!
At least I'm not worried in the least about the whole giving birth part, oddly enough. I've been able to picture laboring in the upstairs hall and my bedroom right from the get-go. Then the idea of setting up a birthing pool in the kitchen, or possibly giving birth in the play room (there's a futon in there to lay on) downstairs occured to me. But absolutely no hesitation of homebirth, or fear for myself or soon to be #3. Not worried about pain, bleeding, nothing. I know everything is going to go great.
So what am I eating for babe today??
Since Tris just got back from his dad's and needs (IMO) to detox a little, he's green smoothieing and I've decided to join him. We'll also juice, and have fresh fruit and veggies to snack on this evening and tomorrow.
Breaky was:
green smoothie w/ fresh picked collards and peas from the garden, b-nas, apple, MSM, and barly juice powder. Made enough for lunch, too.
Also have fresh picked cuke and g.beans tossed with a hint of olive oil and sea salt to chew on. (I LOVE YOU GARDEN.) We'll be making some agave-raspberry-lemonade as well, maybe into popsicles if Tris wants. I picked up some more frozen fruit for smoothies today, as well as canelope and mangos. The raspberries should be coming soon, and I NEED to call my blueberry lady to see if they're ready for picking (I'm not familiar w/ blueberry timeframes). OH, almost forgot about mulberries. Those should be ready too.
Sorry if i'm rambling and hard to understand. My time's up, anyhoo.