Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Speaking of Cucumbers . . .

I'm sooo excited--I harvested our first cucumber today. Sooo yummy. It turned out to be breakfast for me, as I wasn't very hungry. ( Ate a little while later too.) My sweet spirit was it good.
Other garden news: Lots of green tomatoes, beans are getting there, peas have been harvested and another batch due in a few more weeks, baby carrots--OMG are they good---, Lots of kale and collards being washed and frozen for smoothies. Other stuff growing GREAT. Strawberries are done--they didn't do so well this year w/ all the moisture. Time to harvest mulberries. Blue berry lady will be getting a visit from me soon too.

How is your garden growing??? (Yes, I'd really love to know!!!)

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