Saturday, September 25, 2010

I’m Lying On My Belly

     It’s about 6:30 A.M. and there’s a beautiful sunrise beginning to peak over the northeastern hills—baby pinks and blues right now, hints of vanilla (How appropriate!). Our big little girl was born 4 minutes to 4 A.M. Wednesday morning weighing 10 pounds and 10 ounces. ((((WHEW!!!)))) Most of that weight put on in the last 2 ½ weeks prior, from what I could tell, but then, Rowan was 10-1 and I ate SAD throughout. {Methinks the genes of my beloved husband had some influence here.}
     Anyhoo, everyone is doing well. Better even. By Wednesday evening I was downstairs for a while on the couch, Thursday up and about around the house. I even took “Shelf” outside on the moveable “porch” swing for a while, laying and rocking and nursing with one of those soft warm breezes kissing legs and arms and faces. Friday she was finally able to really open her eyes (they were swollen from delivery) and looked all around with her cute newborn crosseyes. ((giggle)) Then a mini photo shoot and off to the library and store to get groceries {I NEED GREENS!!! ((craving)))} and to print off some pics to send out to everyone.

     Thurs-Friday I couldn’t get to sleep, I think because my milk was coming in (THANK YOU Raw Tahini Milk!!) And was hot and hormonal. So I slept a bit between 4:30 and 9 off and on, but not much sleep there. Suprisingly didn’t seem to change functionability too much. (((Is that because of the vegan vs. meat???))) So last night I was still the last to get to sleep, maybe around 12:30-1am after nursing, then woke a little bit ago to nurse again and I felt rested and ready for the day, sooooooo . . . as the mini-Sharilyn World is sleeping I thought I’d type this up to post later today at the library. And without further ado, I give you:

     The Birth Story of "Shelf" (name undecided as of yet)  UPDATE:  After 2 weeks of deliberating, we've finally decided on Gabriella Nyx.
     As some of you know, I had been having regular contractions since 36 ½ weeks, roughly every 10-15 minutes. They didn’t hurt, they were mainly an annoyance. I began cervical ripening with evening primrose oil at the 37 week mark in hopes of bringing on labor, which obviously didn’t work. (Knowing how big Rowan was, and feeling the babe growing so large throughout the pregnancy on such a healthy diet, I (with my midwife’s OK) felt this was good to do. (I asked her about using castor oil and she advised against using that before 42 weeks, as she had seen too often babes delivering when they weren’t “lined up” quite right.) So that with a bit of nipple stimulation, but still no labor, and STILL having the B H contractions that didn’t produce was a bit frustrating.
     Then on Wednesday I had a major migrane, which I chalked up to the handful of tootsie rolls I ate, as the last headache I had was when I had the flu at 2 months, and prior to that I can’t remember. Perhaps instead it was a flood of hormones or whatever getting my bod geared up for labor. Contractions started getting harder in the evening, but hadn’t gotten closer than the 10 minutes, and some had even gotten further apart, as much as 35-40 minutes.

     I called my midwife a couple times that evening, but said to hold off coming as she’s 2 hours from me and I didn’t want her driving here for “nothing.” She was going to bed around 11:30-12 and told me to call then to let her know how I was doing, but after getting up to pee and having 3 contractions on top of one another in the 5 minute trip to the bathroom I called her shortly there after, which was a good thing. I began getting everything ready, did a quick mini-enema, filled the pool set up in the upstairs hallway, put down plastic, set out towels and supplies etc. Shortly after I woke Rich to rub my back during contractions and do some acupressure points.

     The midwife arrived around 1:30, checked me and the baby, and I got into the pool shortly after. I guess I started feeling pushy around 2:30, but didn’t start the regular hard labor for another 15-20 minutes. Pushed hard (mostly) for about and hour, then her head was partway out, but I was nearing exhaustion, so out of the pool Rich lifted me. I got on my hands and knees and with the midwife behind me helping to turn the baby (her shoulder was stuck for a couple minutes until she corkscrewed) and pushed her out. It took a bit of rubbing and a few puffs of oxygen to get her going (Tight squeeze!), but she started girgling then crying softly. I am VERY glad I opted for a midwife rather than unassisted here!! Rich held the baby, warming her and talking to her gently.

     Within a couple minutes I felt another contraction, so I got back on hands and knees and gave a little push---Out popped the placenta. Pretty cool looking, so I asked all kinds of questions about it, what’s this thing here, how does that look, etc. Then I hopped into the shower while Rich and the midwife dealt with cutting the cord, rubbing in the vernix, etc. I got into bed and Rich brought the babe to me to nurse. She latched right on and Boy! could she suck! The midwife and Rich were busy cleaning up a bit, draining the pool, etc., then I got checked for tears. There was a very small internal perineum tear, which tells me, ladies, that delivering on your back is NOT the way to go!! I had an episiotomy with Tris and tore to a 2 with Rowan, both on my back, as the doctor ordered. 
     Anyway, she said I looked real good. The midwife put golden seal on the baby’s umbilical stump, brought up my coconut water and raisins, tucked us in, hung out for a couple hours to make sure everyone was fine, and then was off. Since then, I’ve gotten small patches of sleep, but haven’t really needed much, which totally surprised me. It took until Friday evening for the baby’s swelling around her eyes to go down enough for her to really open them, but now she’s bright eyed and curious.
And still doesn’t have a name as I type this, but we’re almost there. I was hoping one would just fit, but so far just a couple really close but not quites. Anyone have suggestions? Doesn’t matter anyway, as we’ll have decided by the time I’m able to get to the library and check e-mail again.
Well, gotta run. I hear some hungry grunts. ;o}



Gabriele Agustini said...

It's my first time visiting your blog and just in time for the spectacular news!! :)
I'll be back!
My 'word verification' was "Misti". :)
Usually they're a jumbled mess.

Rose Goddess said...

OMG! Congrats! You had a beautiful birth. Your little one is close to David's age too:)

Rowan said...

I noticed that on your site RG. Thanks for the sweet words Gabriele. Incidentally we named her Gabriella Nyx. ~♥